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Friend of farm animals, 

I wanted to be sure you received Gene’s recent email. I know we’ve been asking for help more than usual, but with two recent emergency rescues, winter maintenance following a major storm in upstate New York, and the ongoing care of our more than one thousand animal residents, we need your support now more than ever.

Eric pig has a very special place in my heart. If you could have seen him when he arrived at Farm Sanctuary, I know his sweet face would have stolen your heart as well. Today, I hope he’ll inspire you to renew your Farm Sanctuary membership to help us rescue, care for, and speak out on behalf of more farm animals just like him.

Thanks in advance for your genorosity,

Susie Coston 
National Shelter Director

From: Gene Baur 
Sent: Monday, March 5, 2018  
Subject: Eric pig is counting on you

We haven’t yet received your membership renewal for 2018. Please don’t wait any longer to renew your commitment to farm animals!

2018 Farm Sanctuary Membership Renewal

Dear friend of farm animals,

Renew your membership today.

It’s been several weeks since I first contacted you about renewing your annual support of Farm Sanctuary. 

As a reminder of why it is so important to renew your membership, I want to tell you about Eric.

Eric was born on a pig farm that also operated as a vegetable stand and petting zoo. Mother pigs and their newborn piglets were crammed in a barn where visiting children were allowed to come in and were handed a baby. With all the commotion from upset mothers, Eric was badly injured, likely because someone stepped on his back leg.

Eric couldn’t walk, and an infection had spread into the joint of his injured leg.

A mother and child saw Eric suffering and spoke up. The farmer told them that Eric was too far gone … he would be dead by the end of the day, and if he wasn’t, he would be killed. 

The family asked if they could take Eric, and the farmer agreed, while insisting there was nothing that could be done for him. That’s a common problem in an industry that treats farm animals as commodities, not as individuals. 

But you are the kind of person who believes farm animals like Eric are worth saving — and supporters like you helped Farm Sanctuary step in as his protector. Please help us continue all our efforts for farm animals by renewing today.

Eric spent a short amount of time at the Cornell University Nemo Farm Animal Hospital before we brought him to our Watkins Glen, NY shelter. We gave him antibiotics, pain medication, and the TLC this little piglet needed.  

Today, Eric is all grown up and is such a friendly and loving animal. He is smaller than the other pigs and struggles a bit to walk, but we paired him with Bob Harper, another smaller-than-average pig who lives with leg problems. The two have become best friends!

Because of you, Eric (and Bob Harper) will only know love and kindness at our shelter. But so many more animals need you. Will you renew today?

Your gift will help us rescue and care for more animals like Eric. But you will also help our most pressing 2018 campaigns — from continuing our fight to ban the slaughter of animals too sick or injured to stand or walk, to challenging the factory farming system, to speaking out against cruel confinement systems such as battery cages, gestation crates, and veal crates.

You’ll also help Farm Sanctuary share stories like Eric’s with the world, so that more people begin to see the harm that comes when farm animals are treated as food or playthings instead of as the living, feeling individuals they are.  

Renew today to welcome visitors to our shelters, alert people to the abuses on factory farms, and rescue animals like Eric when they need us most.

Yours for farm animals,

Gene Baur
President and Co-Founder


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