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Dear friend of farm animals,

Donate to help farm animals like Bellamy.

We want every farm animal to breathe fresh air and feel the sun on their faces. But for Bellamy, freedom came at a terrible price. 

The sweet young cow was on the loose and all alone—not for hours, but for days. By the time we found her, Bellamy was stuck in a cold, muddy ditch, unable to move. 

She was covered with deep, festering wounds and her entire back was infested with thousands of flies and maggots.

Today, Bellamy is recovering at our Watkins Glen shelter. She is getting stronger every week and we are confident that she will make a full recovery, join a herd, and form a family.

Bellamy will never be alone again! But so many other farm animals still need help. Please help more farm animals by making a year-end gift to Farm Sanctuary today.

For Bellamy, we got there just in time. She was so weak she collapsed on the ride to the emergency hospital. She was also very frightened. Even in her weakened state, she had to be sedated while her wounds were cleaned and dead tissue was removed.

She is warming up to us day by day, and we’re giving her all the time she needs. After all, we have promised to be there for her every day for the rest of her life. But keeping that promise depends on people like you.  

Make your year-end gift to help:

  • Rescue Farm Animals in Urgent Need. You’ll help Farm Sanctuary respond at a moment’s notice to rescue farm animals being abused or neglected by factory farms, stockyards, auctions, slaughterhouses, and other “food animal” production facilities.  
  • Grow Our Community of Compassion. The planned Hockhockson Farm in New Jersey will become home to farm animal residents who have been rescued from horrendous conditions. This educational facility will teach tens of thousands of annual visitors about the history and cruel practices of factory farming, with the goal of helping visitors to see their food and these individuals from a new perspective.
  • Speak out for Farm Animals. Farm Sanctuary is working to extend the federal rule that protects “downer” calves from abuse and slaughter to include all farm animals, continuing our efforts to stop “ag-gag” bills across the country, and campaigning to protect chickens and turkeys from cruel slaughter practices and to ban veal crates, gestation crates, and battery cages. Your gift will help.

More than anything else, when you donate today, you’ll help be the rescuer, caregiver, and advocate that farm animals like Bellamy need.

For every animal like Bellamy who we helped this year, there are billions more desperate for a caring person to come to their rescue and give them a second chance at a happy life. That caring person is YOU. Give now. 

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Yours for farm animals,

Gene Baur
President and Co-Founder

P.S. This is a great time of year to share a compassionate meal with a friend or loved one to help more people recognize farm animals as someone, not something.



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