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Help make transformations possible for abused farm animals

Dear friend of farm animals,

Make a gift to give abused farm animals a second chance.

I’m lucky. I get to see the difference you are making in the lives of farm animals every single day.

I see it every time I look at Stanton calf. You helped Farm Sanctuary take Stanton in just a few months ago after he was rescued from a grotesque “hobby farm” in Chester County, PA.  

You wouldn’t believe how he was found. He was locked inside a barn with mud and feces so deep that five other calves had drowned in the muck around them. Covered in filth, Stanton was snuggled atop a deceased calf for comfort when rescuers arrived.  

You would think that any baby who had been so severely traumatized could never recover. But from 17 years at Farm Sanctuary, I knew that with love, care, and help from friends like you, Stanton could still find happiness. 

Stanton got the second chance he deserved. Today, I hope you’ll make a gift to help make more transformations like Stanton’s possible.

Stanton’s happy ending didn’t come easy. He was malnourished and had a bad case of pneumonia, which we could treat. But he also needed a mom. Thankfully, Jackie, an adult cow rescued from the same awful “farm,” adopted him. She even began producing milk to nurse him.

Today, Stanton’s life is full. Instead of cuddling up against the cold body of a deceased friend, he has a kind mother to look after him and love from his human caregivers at Farm Sanctuary.

Please help Farm Sanctuary give more farm animals like Stanton a second chance at happiness by making a gift today.

You can help in other ways, too! Something as simple as inviting a friend or family member over to share a compassionate, plant-based meal will help people to begin thinking of farm animals as individuals, not commodities.

And Stanton sure is an individual! If you could see the little guy today happily scampering toward his adopted mom, Jackie, you would never think he was the same calf who was trapped in that repulsive barn.

But transformations depend on you. Make a gift today to help provide for our shelter residents, and make sure that we can answer the call for the next farm animal in desperate need.

Thanks in advance,

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Susie Coston
National Shelter Director

P.S. Consider sharing a compassionate, plant-based meal with your friends and family to help them to begin thinking of farm animals as living individuals, not commodities.


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