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Join Gene Baur and "Meet Your Neighbors" in NC.


Meet Your Neighbors: Exposing Factory Farming in North Carolina

October 19, 7 - 9 p.m.


The pork industry poses a constant threat to the health, happiness, and quality of life of the people and animals of North Carolina. Neighbors of concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs) endure nostril-burning odors, thick, buzzing flies, and foul brown water that seeps through the land they call home. The animals inside these facilities suffer in abhorrent, crowded conditions. Poorly regulated waste management leads to polluted streams and waterways. The citizens of North Carolina will tolerate this no longer, and are ready to take action. 

Register now to be a part of the conversation about how citizens can fight back against the pork industry. This solution-focused panel discussion is co-hosted by Farm Sanctuary and Indy Week, publisher of the recent highly acclaimed three-part in-depth series “Hogwashed."

We’re thrilled to announce that Duplin County resident and activist Elsie Herring has joined the panel! Elsie has seen the devastation pork farming has caused her community first hand, and is one of the complainants suing pork producer Murphy Brown.


  • Gene Baur, President and Co-founder, Farm Sanctuary
  • Rick Dove, Senior Advisor, Waterkeeper Alliance
  • Elsie Herring, Duplin County resident and activist 
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