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I recently wrote to you about Farm Sanctuary’s work speaking out against the cruel shipping of chicks and ducklings through the U.S. Postal Service. We need your continued help.  

Every year, millions of 1-day-old chicks and ducklings hatch in factories and are packaged in boxes and shipped through the mail. In just the last few years alone, Farm Sanctuary has rescued hundreds of chicks and ducklings from these inhumane situations.

These animals’ miserable journeys last up to 72 hours (and that’s only if all goes right) and there is no food or water in the box. Many of these helpless babies are dead by the time they reach their destination, which is why hatcheries often toss a few “extra” animals in the box just in case. Often, these chicks are males for whom the industry has no use. These boy chicks are so devalued that the industry has even referred to them as nothing more than “packing material.”

Help stop this and other cruelties to farm animals by donating to Farm Sanctuary today.

In one rescue, Farm Sanctuary rescued Dominga, Carrera, and Pavarotti, three tiny ducklings who were stuck at a post office because the man who ordered them was too sick to pick them up. The ducklings had traveled from Iowa to California and would have stayed sealed in their box without food, water, or care if Farm Sanctuary didn’t step in to help.

Farm Sanctuary exists to change how our society views and treats farm animals. We rescue farm animals from abuse and speak out on their behalf. But our ability to help them depends on caring people like you. Will you support us by donating today?

When you donate to Farm Sanctuary, you are part of a family of compassionate people who believe farm animals should be treated as individuals, not warehoused on factory farms, or sent through the mail

Our phone rings around the clock about farm animals in trouble — and we need to be ready to help. When we heard about Dominga, Carrera, and Pavarotti, we didn’t hesitate for a moment. We rushed to the post office, completed all of the necessary paperwork, and brought the babies to safety. They were severely dehydrated and frightened. I don’t know how much longer they could have survived in that box!

I’m proud that we were there for these ducklings, but the phone could ring again at any moment about another animal in trouble, and we must be there for him or her, too.

Donate to Farm Sanctuary to be the rescuer, caregiver, and advocate farm animals need. Your support makes Farm Sanctuary a stronger, more impactful organization. 

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  Yours for farm animals,

Gene Baur
President and Co-Founder

P.S. If you believe that living animals should not be shipped through the mail like catalog purchases, then tell the U.S. Postal Service to ban shipments of live animals. 


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