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2017 Farm Sanctuary Membership Renewal

Dear friend of farm animals,

Renew your membership

It would be so disheartening to lose your support at a time when farm animals need you most.  

Millions of animals are slaughtered each year with no protections, and now billions of dollars in proposed budget cuts at the USDA could mean even less oversight of facilities where these animals are suffering and dying.

Farm Sanctuary won’t stop until farm animals are no longer crowded into warehouses and subjected to painful and unnecessary procedures like de-beaking, de-toeing, and tail docking. We won’t stop until farm animals are granted their right to breathe fresh air and express their natural instincts. We won’t stop until people recognize each individual farm animal as someone, not something. 

But we cannot keep going without friends like you. Please show us that you won’t give up either by renewing your Farm Sanctuary membership today.

Here are three reasons why your membership is so essential to Farm Sanctuary and the farm animals we seek to protect:

  1. You help us rescue and care for abused farm animals. In December, support from members like you helped Farm Sanctuary rescue 17 sheep, two goats, and a little bull calf from freezing temperatures and starvation just miles away from our Watkins Glen, NY shelter. Rescues like this one would not be possible without the support of friends like you.
  2. You are a voice for farm animals. From our efforts to stop the slaughter of pigs too sick or weak to stand or walk, to our work to end egregious factory farming cruelty, your member support helps Farm Sanctuary speak out to ensure humane laws and policies are passed on behalf of farm animals.
  3. You inspire and inform the public. At Farm Sanctuary, we’re determined to educate the public about how we can all make more compassionate choices to help end animal suffering, and your gift allows us to continue this work.

Those are just three reasons why your renewed support matters. Here are over 1,000 more: Farm Sanctuary is providing lifelong care to more than 1,000 rescued farm animals at our shelters right now. That is a huge job and can only continue with the ongoing support of caring people like you.

So please renew your Farm Sanctuary membership today. Farm animals still need you and we don’t want to say goodbye!

Gene Signature Image
  Yours for farm animals,

Gene Baur
President and Co-Founder

P.S. When you renew your membership, please also consider inviting friends to share a compassionate meal with you so that you can discuss why eating compassionately is important to you and to farm animals. More information can be found at


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