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Farm Sanctuary's Membership Month Challenge

Dear friend of farm animals,

Help us raise $60,000 by May 31.

When I was on the TV series Bones, my character was all about solving crimes. But there is one mystery that even Dr. Brennan wouldn’t be able to solve: why millions of farm animals continue to suffer each year at the hands of the factory farm industry.

Together, we can end this cruelty. Please join me in supporting Farm Sanctuary’s 2017 Membership Month Challenge. Our goal to raise $60,000 by May 31 will help Farm Sanctuary rescue animals from abuse and maintain its three shelters, educate guests at those shelters, and speak out to end cruelty to farm animals nationwide.

This is the chance for members like you and me to come forward and show our compassion for farm animals. Please donate now to make Membership Month a success. 

I’ve been lucky enough to visit all of Farm Sanctuary’s shelters, and the experience changed me forever. I already knew that farm animals have feelings and intellect like cats and dogs, but to see them up close was incredible. Every hen had her own personality. So did every goat and pig. 

Every farm animal is an individual creature with his or her own little soul, personality, and quirks — and we need to protect them and show them the love they deserve. 

Membership Month is a great place to start. So let’s come together as Farm Sanctuary members and raise $60,000 by May 31.

Thanks in advance for your gift and for having so much compassion for farm animals.

Emily Deschanel for Farm Sanctuary   Sincerely,
Emily Deschanel signature
Emily Deschanel
Actor, Vegan, and Farm Sanctuary Member

P.S. I’m so impressed by all the ways Farm Sanctuary members make a difference. Please be a voice for farm animals by inviting your friends to share a Compassionate Meal. More information can be found at


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