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The power of love is alive and well at Farm Sanctuary — thanks to valued support from friends like you! With your help our rescued residents move past the pain and heartbreak in their pasts and learn to love again. Their relationships remind us that when we open our hearts, anything is possible. And just in time for Valentine’s Day, you can share your love for farm animals by making a one-time sponsorship in honor of the following special someones.

Susie Moo and Rosy - AAFA Cattaraugus Lambs - AAFA

Susie Moo and Rosy show that friendship can help us find ourselves. Rosy and her herd came to our Southern California Shelter after their previous guardians did not properly care for them. Over the years, we had to say goodbye to some of the herd members due to old age; Rosy was especially heartbroken after the passing of Babe, a cow who may have been her mother. Recently, Rosy and her remaining herdmates moved to our Northern California Shelter, which we felt would be a better fit for their needs. The move turned out to be even more positive than we could have imagined. When Rosy met Susie Moo, the matriarch of her new herd, everything changed for them both. Susie Moo, though well respected by her herdmates, didn’t have a best friend — and she welcomed Rosy with joy. Now these devoted friends are happy co-leaders of the herd.

There’s nothing quite like a new baby to remind us of the pure love that exists in the world — and last year, we multiplied that love fivefold when we welcomed Vera Jo, Cindy, Laura, Bob Barker, and Jack! These sweet lambs were born in safety at our New York Shelter — a happy change from the pain and heartbreak that their mothers Daniella, Zepha, and Izzy endured prior to their rescue. The sheep were kept at what was presented as a “humane” farm-to-table operation, but in reality, the treatment they received was anything but humane. Fortunately, we were alerted to their situation in time to give them the lifesaving care they deserved. Now, these families are free to live in peace and safety, and the lambs are helping their moms heal from the horrors of their pasts. 

Earl and Aretha - AAFA Kaiser and LiMuBai - AAFA

Earl and Aretha demonstrate that love can help us face whatever comes our way! Both goats survived tragic circumstances; we met Aretha at a horrific backyard butcher operation in New York’s Hudson Valley, while Earl endured terrible neglect and extreme confinement at a so-called “humane” farm-to-table operation in Cattaraugus County. Both were among the most terrified animals we’ve ever encountered, but in time, they came to realize that we meant them no harm. Pregnant at the time of her rescue, Aretha was able to give birth to her twins Lulu and Min in safety, and they have helped her to settle in to her new life at sanctuary. When Earl arrived, he at first stuck close to the other goats he was rescued with, relying on them to feel safe and secure. But then Earl met Aretha — and they have truly helped each other blossom. 

Kaiser and Li Mu Bai's relationship demonstrates that there is someone out there for everyone! When we first met Li Mu Bai, our rooster friend was a wannabe ladies’ man who unfortunately had some trouble winning over the ladies in question. Try as he might to woo the other birds he lived with, his love went unrequited. He quickly won the hearts of his caregivers, but there was something missing — until he met Kaiser. As it turns out, Kaiser’s affection was just what he needed, and she has helped him become the valiant, noble rooster we always knew he was deep down! Today, Li Mu Bai’s bachelor days are long behind him, and this sweet pair can often be found enjoying long walks through the aviary together by day and perching side by side at night. 


This Valentine’s Day, we invite you to symbolically adopt one or more of our featured groups to help us honor these remarkable transformations and to support all of our work on behalf of farm animals. For just $30, you can sponsor Earl and Aretha,  Kaiser and Li Mu Bai, or Susie Moo and Rosy  — and a $50 “bonus” donation is a wonderful way to support our “lamb fam!” 

When you sponsor one or more of our featured groups, you’ll receive a digital Valentine’s Day card via email, in gratitude for your help in making these happy relationships possible. This is a great way to treat yourself this Valentine’s Day, or show your admiration to a compassionate loved one!

Farm Sanctuary also offers monthly sponsorship packages for those who would like to spread the love for a rescued farm animal friend year-round! As a member of our Adopt a Farm Animal Program, you’ll receive an adoption certificate, a color photo, an Adopt a Farm Animal decal, and a VIP tour to meet your sponsored farm animal in person. Learn more here.

From all of us at Farm Sanctuary, thank you for your support, which makes all of our lifesaving rescue, education, and advocacy work possible. We wish you a very happy Valentine’s Day, filled with all of the love and kindness that you put into the world!

With all of our love,

Farm Sanctuary


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