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Year-end Matching Gift Challenge

Dear friend of farm animals,

Donate now to have your gift matched.Through your support of Farm Sanctuary this year, you helped show people the faces of animal suffering. In 2013, we rescued 1,725 animals and cared for the thousands of others who already live at our three shelters. One of the most memorable faces of these rescued residents belongs to a cow named Queenie, who has been safe with us for 13 years.

Queenie was slated for slaughter at a live meat market in New York City. After hearing the screams of the other animals, Queenie made a mad dash out of the slaughterhouse and through the streets of Queens — earning her name, her freedom, and a life filled with kindness and compassionate care at Farm Sanctuary.

Queenie’s happy ending is because of her will to live ... and your generous support.

Today, you have the opportunity to double the difference you make for animals like Queenie who need your help.

For the next two weeks, a group of generous supporters have offered a $90,000 gift fund to match dollar-for-dollar any contribution you make until the goal is met. Donate now to take advantage of this special chance to double the impact of your tax deductible year-end gift for farm animals.

Another beautiful cow named Jan made her own dash for freedom this year, and your support helped her tremendously.

Jan was trapped on a beef farm in New York. This is a miserable existence for any cow, but Jan was also pregnant, which meant that she would deliver a calf only to have him torn away and sent off to a life of cruelty and early death. So, Jan did what any mother would want to do — she escaped. She delivered her calf, a charming boy named Justin, in a nearby neighborhood. Those living in the area kept watch over Jan and Justin until Farm Sanctuary was able to rescue this special pair.

As I think of the happy life that Jan and Justin will have together as mother and son, I’m reminded of why we must continue our efforts to stop all of the abuses that farm animals endure in this country, whether the torture occurs in a massive factory farm, at the hands of a backyard butcher, or at an urban live market.

That’s why your year-end gift is so urgently needed to help Farm Sanctuary carry out its work, which includes:

  • Stopping state-by-state “ag-gag” laws that would ban investigations of abuse on factory farms. This year, 11 states tried to pass these terrible laws, and we were victorious in every battle to halt them. Our winning streak depends on your year-end support.
  • Escalating our efforts to ban cruel confinement systems, foie gras, and the slaughter of “downed” farm animals. Each new day presents a chance to ease suffering and save lives, and Farm Sanctuary is counting on you to ensure that we can make headway in our many campaigns against cruelty within the meat industry.
  • Rescuing more farm animals in urgent danger and offering them individualized care at our three shelters. We urgently need funds to continue the rescue and shelter work that saves animals from desperate situations and gives them the lives they truly deserve.

And we must keep shining a light on the horrors of the meat industry so people will know how these thinking, feeling farm animals suffer by telling the moving stories of courageous animals like Queenie and Jan who escaped such dire situations. 

Please take advantage of this special year-end matching gift opportunity by making a gift to Farm Sanctuary now so your donation can be matched dollar-for-dollar, making double the difference for farm animals.

Yours for farm animals,

Gene Baur
President and Co-Founder

P.S. We have so much to do for farm animals in 2014, and we need friends like you with us. Donate before December 19 so your gift can be matched dollar-for-dollar up to $90,000.

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