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Support our 2013 Farm Maintenance Fund

Dear friend of farm animals,

Your support is needed to complete our critical maintenance projects. As I walk the beautiful grounds of our three shelters, I can see your commitment everywhere — in the green pastures, the cozy stalls, and the contented faces of our animal residents.

But, as spring arrives, so does the list of critical maintenance projects and repairs that must be completed to ensure the safety and well-being of our more than 1,000 animal residents.

We have received estimates on this essential work and are doing everything in our power to keep costs low, but completing vital projects such as these (and many others) will require more than $125,000 in immediate funds.

Donate to our 2013 Farm Maintenance Fund to help us complete these projects before summer arrives.

Summer will bring hot, sweltering days, and all three of our shelters are in dire need of climate control improvements and repairs:

  • At our shelter in Orland, California, we rushed hundreds of chickens to safety in a single rescue last year. We now have more than 300 chickens in our care, and because their barns are more than 20 years old, we need to make urgent improvements — including new heating and cooling systems and roofing and siding to protect birds on extremely hot and cold days. Cost: $45,000
  • At Farm Sanctuary’s Animal Acres near Los Angeles, pigs Jimmie and Sophie are just two of our animals who are getting older and more vulnerable to the summer heat. We need to update their barn’s cooling system with exhaust fans and misters to keep these and other shelter residents healthy and comfortable during the California summer. Cost: $12,000
  • We have a very narrow window of time this spring to reseed several pastures in urgent need of revitalization. We want our animal residents — especially cattle Sonny, Orlando, Arnold, and Fanny — to enjoy the lush green pastures they deserve this summer, and that means getting seeds planted soon.
  • And because we’re committed to providing our animal residents ample space to roam outdoors, we need $50,000 from the 2013 Farm Maintenance Fund to replace and repair fencing this spring and summer. We’ll patch and repair wherever we can and do much of the work ourselves, but some areas require full replacements, and all of this work depends on your help.

We cannot do it without you. Our shelters operate 365 days a year, 24 hours a day — and, in 2013 alone, we’ve already taken in 150 rescued animals.

Donate now to help Farm Sanctuary start work today on the maintenance necessary to ensure the safety and well-being of the farm animals who call our shelters home.

Please hurry! Summer will be here soon, and we need to get this work done now.

Yours for farm animals,

Gene Baur
President and Co-Founder


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