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Farm Sanctuary Action Alert

friend of farm animals,

The Food and Drug Administration is set to approve the first genetically engineered farm animal, a salmon who grows at twice the rate of wild salmon, in a bizarre and grossly inadequate process that fails to fully consider the implications for human health and the environment and ignores the welfare of the animals themselves.

This approval is taking place under the “New Animal Drug Approval” process, which the FDA has opened to the public. In the future, however, the FDA is likely to approve genetically engineered farm animals, including chickens, pigs, and cattle, using a completely secretive process. If we don’t stop them this time, we may not have another chance.

Please tell the FDA not to approve the salmon without a full environmental impact statement (EIS) that gives due attention to the health, environmental, and animal welfare impact of approval. We are confident that a full EIS will lead to rejection of genetically engineered salmon.

Yours in compassion,  

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Gene Baur
President and Co-Founder 


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