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Farm Sanctuary Rescuing Hens from Factory Farm Crisis

Less than 48 hours ago, Farm Sanctuary learned about a crisis at a factory farm near Modesto, California, where an estimated 50,000 hens were left abandoned for two weeks without food. Tens of thousands of hens have already died from this atrocious neglect.

But amid this tragedy, there are living birds in desperate need of help.

Farm Sanctuary’s Emergency Rescue Team, led by National Shelter Director Susie Coston, is at the scene right now rescuing survivors and providing immediate and expert care to save as many animals as possible.

Please make a special donation to the Emergency Rescue Fund now.

Surviving hens will be rushed to Farm Sanctuary’s shelter in Orland, CA, where they will need emergency care for dehydration and starvation and will receive around-the-clock care for the variety of other ailments — such as organ failure — that could follow this kind of extreme neglect. We are also preparing to treat survivors for an array of diseases and parasites that are prevalent in filthy factory farm conditions. With weakened immune systems from starvation and neglect, many illnesses could prove fatal for these fragile hens.

The next 72 hours will be critical. Our rescue team is prepared to do everything possible to save these abused hens, but they need your immediate support.

We have the chance to save hundreds of lives. Please donate now to help!

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