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Share the Gift of Life with a Holiday Sponsorship

The holiday season is a time to share compassion and good deeds.
By sponsoring one of Farm Sanctuary’s animal ambassadors, you can show
your friends and loved ones just how much you care.


It’s hard to believe that
someone would leave a
sensitive animal tied up in the
trunk of a car
without food or water for two days, but that is exactly what happened to
Noel. Thankfully he was
discovered by police and
brought to Farm Sanctuary.
Now safe at our spacious
Orland Shelter in California,
Noel will brighten your holiday
when you sponsor him
Sponsor Noel


Natural disasters claim the
lives of countless farm animals
each year. But this summer,
severe flooding spared this
lucky piglet from a cruel
end at a factory farm
Jane was found by a
supporter and will be
spending her first of many
holidays at our New York
Shelter. Will you make this
holiday special for Jane
by sponsoring her today?
Sponsor Jane


Dandypants was found on the street, running for his life after
he likely escaped from a live market in Los Angeles. This handsome rooster now spends
his days strutting proudly at
Farm Sanctuary’s Animal Acres
in Acton, CA. Sponsoring Dandypants is sure to bring
a smile to a loved one’s face
this holiday
Sponsor Dandypants


Farm animals aren’t supposed to make it out of a slaughterhouse alive. Ironically the neglect of Agnes and other animals was
so severe that humane officers were compelled to seize them.
She now thrives at Farm
Sanctuary’s Animal Acres. Will
you help Agnes live a long,
happy life by sponsoring her
for a friend today?
Sponsor Agnes!

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