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Calves Rescued from Dire Neglect Need Homes

In March, six calves were left to starve at a farm in Pottsville, Pennsylvania. Discovered mere hours from death, they were seized by SPCA workers and transported to a veterinary hospital by Farm Sanctuary’s emergency response team. Over the weeks that followed, aided by around-the-clock care at both the hospital and our New York Shelter, these young animals fought for their lives – and won. Since then, we have watched their sickliness and frailty replaced by curiosity, affection and joy. And now we know it is time to find them homes where they will live the rest of their lives in happiness and peace.  

Jasper & Sasha have faced the hardest battle in their recovery and are still catching up to their brothers. Possibly due to a congenital disorder, Jasper is smaller and stouter than the others. Sasha is shy but warms up quickly. Jasper is very friendly and loves attention, especially in the form of a chin scratch. 

Filipe & Teddy are the best of pals. They are the strongest two and spent the least time at the hospital. They are very confident and playful, and they love each other very much. 

Amigo & Poncho are a dynamic duo. At the beginning, we worried we might lose Amigo, but he belied our fears. Now quite healthy, he and Poncho are extremely playful and sociable. 

A special home is also needed for two young Holstein steers named Vito and Clancy who were on the run for weeks before they found refuge at our New York Shelter. These two are sweet and gentle, but because of their time spent on the loose, they are still very shy. It will take the work of a patient caregiver to help them become comfortable with humans.   

If you would like to offer a loving home to a pair of these incredible animals, please contact Owen, Farm Sanctuary’s placement coordinator. 

Contact: Owen | Phone: 607-583-2276 ext. 223

Farm Sanctuary, PO Box 150, Watkins Glen, NY 14891

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