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Rescued goats give birth to beautiful kids. Your support is need


Make a Monthly gift Today!Dear Friend,

I have good news! A few weeks ago I wrote you about six severely malnourished and abandoned goats rescued by Farm Sanctuary, including five pregnant moms-to-be. 

Since then, Lulu, Juno and Olivia have all successfully delivered their kids. Lulu had a baby girl, Olivia a boy and Juno twins — one boy and one girl! And, as I write, we anxiously await the arrival of at least two more babies. 

But, to adequately care for these kids and their recently rescued mothers — and for the hundreds of other animals at our two sanctuaries — we depend on the support friends like you provide. That’s why I hope you will pledge a monthly gift today to help meet the needs of these newborn goats, and to support our work to make a difference for all farm animals.

With your regular monthly support, our staff will be able to provide the attentive care these kids and all of our farm animal residents need. Because their mothers were emaciated, suffering with pneumonia and teeming with parasites when we found them, the babies were all born small. Both Lulu and Olivia’s kids could barely stand and were unable to nurse on their own.  

But with tube feeding, vitamins and special care, these newborns are on their way to a healthy, happy future. Lulu and Olivia’s kids are now big and strong enough to nurse on their own. They are all gaining weight every day and are very active. The boy is very affectionate, loves people, and will jump into your lap every chance he gets. (And, the kids need names — please see below to make a suggestion!)  

This is the kind of happy ending that is possible for abused and neglected animals. For the sake of all the animals who need our help, both those already in our care and all those still in need of rescue, make a monthly gift now so we can continue our vital work.

The conditions from which we rescued the newborns’ mothers were appalling — a heartbreaking scene like many others we’ve seen and never become used to. Every year, Farm Sanctuary receives more and more calls reporting instances of extreme cruelty to farm animals. 

The animals we remove from situations of abuse and neglect often need several weeks of specialized care following their rescue. Even after they overcome those first difficult weeks, they will need a lifetime of care and love and support (not to mention lots of food!). That is a significant investment for us ... and it requires the steady monthly support of special friends like you who want to make a difference in the animals’ lives. 

By pledging a monthly gift today, you will help provide regular care for Lulu, Juno and Olivia and their precious babies — and provide the ongoing funds Farm Sanctuary needs to be ready when the next rescue call comes. Your gift can help ensure happy endings for many more abused farm animals. If you are unable to pledge a monthly gift at this time, I hope you will make a generous one-time donation today — every gift helps.

Thank you for making such a selfless commitment to these special animals. 

nullYours for farm animals,

Gene Baur
President & Co-Founder

P.S. We have yet to name these adorable kids — and we need your help! To submit your name ideas, follow the directions on the donation page. Each kid is a unique individual and our team of caregivers will consider your name suggestion carefully over the next few days. Thanks again for considering a regular monthly donation that will provide the steady stream of income to ensure every animal receives the care he or she needs.

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