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Honor Mothers of All Species by Sponsoring a Farm Animal in Need

The precious bond between a mother and her child is like no other, but all too often farm animals never get to experience it. This Mother’s Day, honor the great love between moms and children of all species by sponsoring one of the rescued animals at Farm Sanctuary in your name or as a gift for a special mother in your life.  

Choose one of the orphaned animals or courageous mothers below, or sponsor them all for moms you know! You can also make a special one-time gift  to the animals.


        was just a baby when she was
        separated from her mom and
        found wandering alone. Blossom
        is full of life and ready to take
        on the world, but she is still
        very young. Be her adoptive
        parent and watch over her
         as she grows.

        Sponsor Me!

faced an uncertain future until          
she was rescued along with          
her kids, Alicia and Ari.          
Though her children are now          
grown, Debra still keeps them          
close by her side. Sponsor           
this devoted mom for a          
mother you hold dear.        

Sponsor Me!           


        was torn from his mother
        minutes after birth and loaded
        onto a truck bound for
        slaughter. Now safe at Farm
        Sanctuary, this grown boy still
        needs a mother’s love. Won’t
        you give Cupid the family
        he deserves?

        Sponsor Me!


was severely neglected. She           
arrived at Farm Sanctuary           
just in time to welcome her           
new baby, Daniel, into the           
world. Now she and her son           
will never be separated.           
Sponsor Katrine to honor a           
special mom in your life.           

Sponsor Me!           

        was lost in New York City
        until rescuers brought him to
        safety. Though now among
        friends, Goodwin is still
        hoping for a family to call his
        own. Give this little goat a
        place in your heart this
        Mother’s Day.

        Sponsor Me!

and her peeps were destined           
to suffer at the hands of cock           
fighters before they were            
saved. Her babies are safe            
now, but she still keeps a           
watchful eye on them.           
Sponsor this “mother hen” for          
a caring woman in your life.          

Sponsor Me!           


Mother's Day Vegan Chocolate Card

Make a special mother you know
really smile by pairing a gift sponsorship
with an edible vegan dark chocolate
card featuring a kiss between rescued
farm animal mom, Wendy, and her
son, Ady. It’s almost too sweet to eat!

Only available for shipment through May 2.

Order yours today!

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