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Dear friend of farm animals,
Take Action on the Prevention of Farm Animal Cruelty Act
I’m excited to let you know about two recently introduced federal bills that will make a huge difference for farm animals by reducing suffering and promoting compassion. I urge you to please take action today on both the Prevention of Farm Animal Cruelty Act and the Healthy School Meals Act

Each year, the federal government spends more than $1 billion on animal products for programs like the National School Lunch Program. The Prevention of Farm Animal Cruelty Act will prevent the federal government from spending any of this taxpayer money on products from animals raised in veal crates, gestation crates or battery cages. Please take action now to ask your legislators to support this important legislation.  

Take Action on the Healthy School Meals ActThe Healthy School Meals Act would provide financial incentives to school districts that provide their students with plant-based food options and non-dairy beverages. By educating students about the dramatic benefits of adopting a plant-based diet for the animals, the environment and their health, this law would have a tremendous impact. Contact your legislators now and ask them to support the Healthy School Meals Act. 

After you’ve taken action on these two important bills, please take a moment to forward this alert to co-workers, family members and friends and ask them to do the same. The more people who contact their legislators, the stronger our collective voice for the animals will be!   

Together, we can create real change. Thank you for your support of Farm Sanctuary and for working with us to make a difference for farm animals.

Yours in compassion,
Gene Baur
President & Co-founder

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