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Help give rescued animals a lifetime of care by supporting Farm Sanctuary’s 2019 Vet Care Fund.

Give rescued farm animals a lifetime of love and care!

Dear friend,

Given how she entered the world, it’s a miracle Marlene sheep is alive today. A miracle made possible by caring friends like you.

Marlene’s mother, Savannah, arrived at Farm Sanctuary pregnant. Soon after, Savannah fell and tore ligaments in her knee. As a result of the pain, she stopped eating, which led to a difficult delivery. While two of her triplets, Jeanne and Bonnie, were born healthy, Marlene arrived smaller and weaker than her sisters.

Veterinarians determined that Marlene’s protein levels were low, and only a blood transfusion from Savannah would save her life. Thankfully, your caring generosity ensured that we could give this beautiful baby lamb all of the care she needed—on that pivotal day and for the rest of her life.

Almost fifteen years later, Marlene is now a happy senior sheep who spends her days contentedly grazing in the pastures of our New York Shelter, surrounded by other members of our flock.

You can’t put a price on the long and happy life Marlene has enjoyed at Farm Sanctuary. The costs of her medical care were extensive, however, and will continue for as long as she lives.

That’s why Farm Sanctuary’s Vet Care Fund is so important. Our Vet Care Fund helps us cover the costs of providing animals like Marlene with a lifetime of individualized care, and makes our work to provide sanctuary and second chances for sick, injured, abused, and abandoned farm animals possible.

Friend, please make a gift to Farm Sanctuary’s 2019 Vet Care Fund to support the individualized care we give our entire animal family and all of our lifesaving work for farm animals.

Help us give rescued farm animals the care they deserve.

●	Your $50 gift can help splint a broken leg.

●	$60 can cover the cost of a full year of pain medications for a sheep like Marlene.

●	$250 can provide an X-ray to an animal in need.

●	And $500 or more can provide emergency care to the next sick or injured cow, goat, sheep, pig, chicken, or other farm animal who needs our help.

Your generous support for our Vet Care Fund will help Farm Sanctuary rescue more sick, injured, and abused farm animals and give them the round-the-clock veterinary care they need to heal—and become the happy, healthy animals they were always meant to be!

Whether it’s performing lifesaving surgeries, splinting broken legs, putting them through intensive physical therapy, or providing specialized diets and medications, everything we do for animals like Marlene is made possible by compassionate friends like you.

Please help Farm Sanctuary care for all of the 1,000+ animals at our shelters and continue our work to create a more compassionate world for farm animals everywhere, by donating to our 2019 Vet Care Fund today.

When Farm Sanctuary takes in animals like Marlene, we promise to care for them for the rest of their lives. And your special gift to our Vet Care Fund today will help us keep that promise.

Thank you, in advance, for your loyal support and for all you do to make Farm Sanctuary a place of healing and hope for abused and abandoned farm animals.

With gratitude,

Gene Baur
President and Co-founder

P.S. Farm Sanctuary counts on friends like you to be our first line of protection for animals like Marlene sheep. If you see a farm animal in need of rescue, or believe farm animal cruelty is occurring in your community, please contact us at (607) 583-2225. Your call could help save an animal’s life!

Your gift can, too! Please help us provide the 1,000+ rescued farm animals at our shelters with a lifetime of love and care by supporting our Vet Care Fund today. Thanks again!



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