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Dear friend,

The factory farming industry in America is many things ... but stupid isn’t one of them.

The industry has done a brilliant job of selling the myth that billions of cows, pigs, chickens, and other animals spend their days roaming freely in the sunshine and fresh air, and sleeping cozily in immaculate red barns at night.

But the reality is much uglier.

Far from the spacious, green pastures shown in advertisements for meat, milk, and eggs, these horrific industrial facilities keep huge numbers of animals in extreme confinement. Pregnant pigs are packed into gestation crates measuring the width and length of their bodies ... egg-laying hens spend their entire lives jammed into battery cages so small they can't even spread their wings ... male baby calves are taken from their mothers shortly after birth and confined to tiny veal crates, until they are slaughtered at just 16 weeks old.

Confining these active, social animals in such tiny spaces causes them unimaginable pain and suffering. It can also lead to serious health consequences, including respiratory disease, bacterial infections, broken bones and wings, and body deformities.

The companies that operate these factory farms are only concerned about one thing: their profits. And there is no limit to the suffering they are willing to inflict on animals if it puts more money into their pockets.

Friend, it is up to us as consumers and citizens to speak out and demand better for these animals.

That’s why I am asking you to help end factory farming abuse and change the way farm animals live in the United States by making a gift today.


Even in the best of circumstances, factory farms treat animals as if their lives have no value beyond what they produce. But it’s when disaster strikes that we really get to see just how little this industry cares about the lives of these innocent creatures.

In 2008, when floods ravaged the Midwest, farmers abandoned their facilities, leaving thousands of animals behind to drown — including many pigs who were still trapped inside their crates.

But at the same time that farmers were rushing out of the area, Farm Sanctuary’s Emergency Rescue Team was racing in to save every animal we could. Our rescuers saved dozens of abandoned pigs, including Rory, a sweet piglet who was born on top of a levee in the middle of the storm.

Thanks to the heroism of our rescuers and the generosity of supporters like you, Rory was saved not only from the floodwaters, but also a lifetime of suffering.

Instead of being confined inside a gestation crate — as her mother had been — Rory is now a jubilant girl who loves to spend hours outside basking in the sun.

At Farm Sanctuary, Rory never has to face life in a crate or separation from her friends and family.

Make a gift today to care for rescued farm animals like Rory, and speak out for those who are still living agonizing lives inside factory farms.


Your caring generosity makes Farm Sanctuary a place where rescued farm animals can experience joy and freedom for the first time in their lives. And your gift today will make it possible for calves who once knew only pain and suffering to frolic in green pastures ... for pigs who grew up in confinement to slumber in soft straw ... and for hens who were trapped in battery cages to stretch their wings.

You’ll also help us educate people across the country about the outrageous abuses taking place behind locked doors on factory farms, and continue fighting state-by-state to ban cruel confinement systems. Thanks to the tireless advocacy of dedicated friends like you, ten states no longer allow or are phasing out gestation crates, nine states have banned the use of veal crates, and six states ban or restrict the use of battery cages.

Right now, millions of farm animals are still trapped inside factory farms. But together, we can get more of them out of cages and crates and into the fresh air.

Please help Farm Sanctuary demand better lives for farm animals, while remaining ready to rush to the rescue of farm animals in need. Take action today.

Yours for farm animals,

Gene Baur
President and Co-founder

P.S. In addition to supporting Farm Sanctuary’s vital advocacy, you can also stand up to the factory farming industry by not eating animal products. Please consider inviting your friends and family over to share a compassionate, plant-based meal and let them know how this small step can mean big changes for abused farm animals.



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