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You can help us meet our Membership Month Challenge goal!
2019 Membership Month Challenge

Dear friend,

There is no Farm Sanctuary without members like you.

Without you, there are no rescuers to save farm animals from desperate situations. Without you, there are no caregivers to nurse sick, injured, and traumatized farm animals back to health. Without you, there are no advocates to speak out against farm animal cruelty. Without you, there are no educators to help people understand that each farm animal is someone, not something.

Farm animals need compassionate friends like you — and we do, too!

That’s why Farm Sanctuary is launching our 2019 Membership Month Challenge today to celebrate members like you, and the difference you make for farm animals through your dedicated support.

This year, we’ve set a Membership Month goal of raising $75,000 by May 31. Will you give us a head start, friend?

Make your special Membership Month Challenge gift today to help Farm Sanctuary rescue, shelter, and protect more abused and suffering farm animals across the country.

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Take Sven, for example. In just his first few days of life, this little calf was separated from his mother on a dairy farm, barely survived a tragic barn fire that killed his two best friends, then was nearly shipped off to another farm where he would have been raised — and slaughtered — for meat.

Fortunately, a group of kind-hearted people came to Sven’s rescue and saved his life by putting him on a better path … to Farm Sanctuary. We treated Sven for pneumonia and lung damage caused by the fire and for a nasty bout of cryptosporidium — a contagious gastrointestinal parasite that’s common in calves who don’t get the chance to nurse and absorb the immunity-boosting colostrum they need — and showed him the love and kindness he never would have known in the dairy industry.

Despite everything he went through, Sven is one of the lucky ones. Today, he has nourishing food, warm straw bedding, and a new best friend, Howard. Sven is a happy, playful, and very sweet boy, and he has a bright future ahead of him. All thanks to Farm Sanctuary members like you.

Help us provide more farm animals with the same level of care as Sven by making your generous Membership Month Challenge contribution today.

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Your support during our Membership Month Challenge will help Farm Sanctuary save more farm animals from cruelty and abuse, care for the sick and injured, educate the public, and advocate for strong laws and policies that protect animals from cruelty.

Membership Month is your once-a-year opportunity to join together with your fellow Farm Sanctuary members and show your love for farm animals in need. Reaching our $75,000 goal by May 31 won’t be easy, but I’ve seen the amazing things the Farm Sanctuary family can accomplish when we pull together.

Please join together with your fellow Farm Sanctuary members in support of farm animals — make your Membership Month Challenge gift today.

Yours for farm animals,

Gene Baur
President and Co-founder

P.S. In addition to making a Membership Month Challenge gift today, you can help us protect farm animals like Sven firsthand. If you see a farm animal in need of rescue, or believe that farm animal cruelty is occurring in your community, please contact us immediately at (607) 583-2225. Your call could save an animal’s life!

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