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Help give rescued animals a lifetime of care by supporting Farm Sanctuary’s 2018 Vet Care Fund. 
Help give rescued farm animals a lifetime of care!

Dear friend,

When rescuers found Grace goat tethered to a dog house — sad, scared, all alone — she was kneeling in deep mud and feces. Grace’s “owner” had failed to provide her with even the most basic care. She had painful kidney stones and her untrimmed hooves were so long she could no longer walk or stand.

Grace’s body was breaking down from the neglect she endured.

But as soon as this brave goat arrived at Farm Sanctuary’s Southern California Shelter, we began intensive physical therapy, started her on pain medication for her severe arthritis, and have been keeping her hooves well-trimmed. It has been a hard journey, but Grace is back on her feet and on the path to a better life, thanks to caring friends like you!

You can’t put a price on the joy Grace gives us with every happy step. The costs of her medical care are extensive, however, and will continue for as long as she lives.

That’s why Farm Sanctuary’s Vet Care Fund is so important. Your kindhearted support for our Vet Care Fund helps us cover the costs of providing specialized, lifelong veterinary care for Grace and all of our more than 1,000 shelter residents.

Please donate to Farm Sanctuary’s 2018 Vet Care Fund today to support the individualized care we give our entire animal family and help us continue all of our work to protect farm animals across the country.

Help Farm Sanctuary give rescued farm animals the care they deserve.

Some of Farm Sanctuary’s residents have just been rescued. Others have called our shelters home for many years. But so many of them will face significant health challenges in their lives as a result of abuse, neglect, and harmful industry practices, resulting in issues such as chronic arthritis, foot problems, respiratory infections, dental issues, and other severe injuries and illnesses.

These animals were brought to Farm Sanctuary because we are committed to giving them the world-class care they need to become the unique and wonderful individuals they were always meant to be.

To Farm Sanctuary, animals like Grace are each someone, not something. And the sight of our animal residents — who arrived on our doorstep bruised and broken — happily running and jumping in our pastures, swimming in our ponds, and nuzzling their kids on a bed of straw at night is worth every penny we spend on their care.

But those “pennies” add up! Especially when you consider that it’s the neediest animals, those who require a level of veterinary and medical care that other homes simply cannot provide, who become permanent residents of Farm Sanctuary.

That’s what makes Farm Sanctuary so special — and the resources you provide through your support for our Vet Care Fund so important.

Please donate today to help us care for all of the rescued farm animals at our shelters across the country, and continue our work to create a more compassionate world for farm animals.


Thank you in advance for supporting our Vet Care Fund, and for all you do to make Farm Sanctuary a place of healing and hope for sick, injured, and abandoned farm animals.

With gratitude,

Gene Baur
President and Co-founder

P.S. Farm Sanctuary counts on friends like you to be our first line of protection for animals like Grace goat. If you see a farm animal in need of rescue, or believe farm animal cruelty is occurring in your community, please contact us at (607) 583-2225. Your call can save an animal’s life!

Your gift can, too! Please help us provide the more than 1,000 rescued farm animals at our shelters with the lifelong care they deserve by supporting our Vet Care Fund today. Thanks again!



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