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Animals on factory farms need your help!

Dear friend of farm animals,

When most people think of farms, they imagine immaculate red barns and spacious green pastures with cows, pigs, and chickens roaming freely in the sunshine and fresh air.

They don’t realize the daily nightmare that billions of farm animals are actually enduring trapped inside today’s factory farms.

Behind closed doors at these horrific industrial facilities, large numbers of farm animals are raised in extreme confinement. Pregnant pigs are jammed into gestation crates so small they cannot turn around or even lie down comfortably. Egg-laying hens spend their lives in battery cages that give each bird floor space equivalent to a sheet of letter-size paper. Male calves are taken from their mothers shortly after birth and confined in pens until they are slaughtered for veal at just 16 weeks old.


To the meat industry, everything is about profits. There is no incentive to understand these animals as individuals or even provide them decent care.

But when people speak out as consumers and citizens, we can make a difference.

Help Farm Sanctuary’s efforts to change the way farm animals live in the United States by making a gift today.


Most animals trapped in factory farms never see the light of day until they are hauled to the slaughterhouse. In 2008, hundreds of pigs escaped this horrible fate — but their happy ending didn’t come easily. They were trapped in factory farms in Iowa when flood waters rose so high the farmers evacuated.

The pigs were left to die. But Farm Sanctuary rushed to save them.

One of the pigs in the worst shape was Sleepy, who was found washed up between two trees and had to remain at Cornell’s Nemo Farm Animal Hospital for weeks. Sleepy’s lungs were so damaged from nearly drowning in the flood waters that she could no longer live in a large herd of pigs. Breathing would be hard for her for the rest of her life, but there was still so much hope for her.

Today, thanks to generous supporters like you, Sleepy has a home in a small barn and is getting the extra care she needs here at Farm Sanctuary.

Every day, even in the coldest winter months, she spends as much active time outside as possible — maybe because she knows what it is like to be trapped inside.

Make a gift today to care for rescued farm animals like Sleepy and speak out for those who are still living agonizing lives inside factory farms.

Your gift will help make sure calves who once knew only pain and suffering can frolic in green pastures ... pigs who grew up in gestation crates can slumber in soft straw ... and hens who were trapped in battery cages can stretch their wings in the fresh air.

You’ll help Farm Sanctuary educate people across the country about the outrageous abuse that’s seen as business as usual on factory farms, and continue our state-by-state fight to ban the cruelest confinement systems. Thanks to Farm Sanctuary members and other animal advocates speaking up, ten states no longer allow or are phasing out gestation crates, nine states have banned the use of veal crates, and seven states ban or restrict the use of battery cages.

We’re making a difference, state by state, animal by animal. Please help. Right now, millions of farm animals are still trapped inside factory farms. You can help make sure we can continue advocating for better lives for farm animals and are ready to rush to the rescue the moment we get the call about an animal in need.


With compassion,

Susie Coston
National Shelter Director

P.S. One of the best ways to stand up to the factory-farm industry is to stop eating animal products and encourage others to do the same. Invite friends or family members to share a compassionate, plant-based meal with you and let them know that small steps like eating fewer animal products can make a big difference for abused farm animals.



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