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Ensure calves like Sven experience freedom from harm. 
Sven and Treeline - AAFA
Sven and Treeline - AAFA

Dear friend of farm animals,

Meet Sven. He came to Farm Sanctuary earlier this year as one of the few survivors of the dairy industry. Like all cattle, he’s very family-oriented. But since the industry separates calves from their mothers shortly after birth, he has never had the chance to know his biological family. At Farm Sanctuary, though, he’ll be free to live out his life in peace with his adoptive family of rescued bovines — including his very best friend, Howard.

Knowing Sven, it’s clear that he is someone, not something — and we are so excited to watch his life unfold. Don’t all babies deserve that chance?

That’s where you and Treeline Treenut Cheese come in. Made from cashews — never cow’s milk — Treeline offers cruelty-free alternatives to dairy-based cheeses. Through August 31, Treeline is matching all sponsorships of Sven, up to $10,000 — doubling the difference we can make for farm animals. Your sponsorship will help ensure even more calves are free from harm, and create a compassionate world for all farm animals.

For just $50 a month, you can symbolically adopt this young survivor — helping Farm Sanctuary support his lifelong care and being a vital part of our work to create a more compassionate future for other farm animals just like him through our rescue, education, and advocacy efforts. As a member of our Adopt a Farm Animal Program, you’ll receive an adoption certificate, color photo, an Adopt a Farm Animal decal, and a VIP tour to meet Sven in person.

Or, opt for a one-time donation of $50, and you can symbolically adopt Sven for the rest of the summer! In gratitude for your gift, we’ll send you an online certificate, which you can print or share on social media — a great way to spread the word that calves like Sven are each someone, not something.

Thank you for being a friend to farm animals like Sven. With your support, we can all savor the finer things in life!

Farm Sanctuary

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