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Dear friend of farm animals,

Renew your membership today.

As you can see from your membership record above, your Farm Sanctuary Membership Renewal status for 2018 is still pending.

We have contacted you several times and have not yet received your response. But I’m not giving up on you. You have been a very generous supporter in the past and you know that farm animals are desperate for your help.

Take Natalie, for instance. Natalie was just a newborn calf when she was taken away from her mother and transported to a feedlot where she would be fattened up and sold for slaughter. But Natalie made a break for it! She escaped in the middle of a snowstorm. But even though she was free from the factory farm industry, she still found herself in a life-and-death situation.

Your support helped Farm Sanctuary to welcome Natalie and give her a home at our Watkins Glen, NY, shelter. But to help more farm animals like her, we need you to make your 2018 renewal gift today.

Every day the suffering continues as billions of farm animals are

• crowded into dark and dingy warehouses where they barely have room to move, let alone run or play;

• subjected to painful and unnecessary procedures such as de-beaking, de-toeing, and tail docking;

• genetically manipulated to grow so fast that they can’t even support their own weight; and

• left to suffer on factory farms where they are treated as commodities rather than individuals.

Farm Sanctuary has been rescuing, caring for, and advocating on behalf of farm animals for more than 30 years. But what we are able to do in 2018 is up to you.

Please don’t let your membership expire. Renew your Farm Sanctuary membership today.

Thanks in advance,

Gene Baur
President and Co-Founder


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