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2017 Farm Maintenance Fund

Dear friend of farm animals,

Your support is needed.

Even under average circumstances, winter wreaks havoc on a farm. But this winter wasn’t average. It was wet—extremely wet—and Farm Sanctuary’s shelters are starting spring with muddy conditions that must be addressed immediately so our animal residents can move about safely.

Please help! We’ve bid out the projects and will do much of the work ourselves to keep costs low. But we need to raise $56,000, and we need to raise it now!

Please make a donation to our 2017 Farm Maintenance Fund to help us complete all the vital work that is needed on our shelters.

Our two West Coast shelters were pummeled with record rainfall this winter that washed out roads, damaged fencing, and left pastures slick and muddy. While mucky conditions are only a minor concern for our smaller residents, muddy, swampy areas can be dangerous for the larger animals. 

I’m particularly concerned about Mario, who came to our shelter in Orland, CA, with a fractured leg. While his injuries have healed, Mario will never be as sure-footed as his fellow cattle. He needs solid ground! So do Pinto and Mr. Ed, two arthritic cattle at our Acton, CA, shelter. We’re working hard to level a steep area of their pasture that becomes dangerous when muddy, but the costs are adding up.  

Road work around the cattle barn in Orland: $5,000
Hill work in Acton: $10,000

Weather isn’t the only threat to our animal residents; we need to keep them safe from predators as well. This spring, it is imperative that we clear brush and grass growing along fence lines so coyotes and foxes do not have places to hide. There are also some areas of our Watkins Glen, NY, shelter that require greater reinforcement, including installing underground fencing. This is a big job, but nothing is more important than our residents’ safety!

Predator-proofing efforts: $10,000

Keeping predators out is only half the challenge: We also need to keep our animal residents in! This year, our Watkins Glen Rescue and Refuge barn, which shelters abused animals immediately after rescue, is in need of new fencing. With many of these animals arriving in bad condition—sometimes with communicable diseases—it is crucial that we keep them isolated. The current fencing in this area and in other areas on the shelter is old and breaking down, and needs to be replaced right away.

Fencing: $15,000

Meanwhile, we need to clean up damage from some of the animals themselves. A few of our residents can be a bit tough on our facilities. For instance, Nate goat loves to slam the wall with his horns, and Sebastian pig has never met a fence he didn’t try to smash. This results in broken boards, torn fences, bent latches, and more—and all damage must be repaired.

Building and fencing repairs: $16,000

Please help us. Shelter maintenance is not optional. Our shelters operate 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, and provide a home for approximately 1,000 animals who depend on us to keep them safe. 

Donate now to help Farm Sanctuary raise the $56,000 needed to complete vital building and maintenance projects, purchase essential equipment, and continue all of our work to rescue, care for and advocate on behalf of farm animals.

Please be as generous as possible with your Farm Maintenance Fund gift.



Thanks in advance,

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Susie Coston
National Shelter Director

P.S. Please support our 2017 Farm Maintenance Fund to make a difference today. You can also help by volunteering with Farm Sanctuary’s Compassionate Communities Campaign to inform your neighbors about the hidden horrors of factory farms and educate them about a compassionate diet. 


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