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Dear Friends,

A dangerous “ag-gag” bill is moving quickly through the Arkansas State Legislature. The first vote is in the House on Monday, March 6. We urgently need your help right now to defeat it. 

Like other attempts at ag-gag legislation, Arkansas House Bill 1665 would make it illegal for anyone to expose brutal cruelty and food-safety issues on factory farms. 

You can help stop this reprehensible attempt to hide abuse. 

Please click here to find your state representative, call him or her right now, and leave a message asking that he or she oppose H.B. 1665. 

Then click here to find your state senator, and call him or her as well. 

If you have an extra moment for animals, please send both your representative and senator a follow-up email. If you don’t live in Arkansas, please forward this email with friends and family who do. 

Thanks so much for caring!

Matt Ball
Director of Engagement and Outreach
Farm Sanctuary

P.S. Please forward this email to all your compassionate Arkansas friends!



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